Satellite Images Prove Algore’s Melting Ice Cap Prediction Wrong

From Rush:

John Kerry at this special ceremony last Wednesday in Washington said that the Bible commands us to join Muslim nations for global warming.  There hasn’t been any actual warming since 1996.  Do you know what that’s called now?

They’re calling it The Pause.

See, the computer models — and by the way, global warming is based on only one thing.  Computer models.  There is no solid or imperial evidence for it.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  You can research all you want.  You can go out and you can look at all the data you want and you will not find any that will lead you to a scientific conclusion that there is man-made global warming, because there isn’t any.

It’s all wrapped up in computer model predictions.  That’s all it is.  The computer models… Like Algore. I did see this story before I left.  In fact, it was the day I left, I think. Algore had said that by this time the ice in the North Pole would have all melted.  He said this a number of years ago.  It turns out that there’s more ice at the North Pole today than there was last year or the year before.

The ice level in the North Pole, in the Arctic, is growing.  Algore was as totally wrong as it is humanly possible to be about anything.  So rather than admit that — can’t admit that because this is a liberal plank of the agenda — oh, there must be something that’s causing our models to be incorrect.  The model?

It is a religion. “There’s going to be something, because our model said XYZ.  The model said the North Pole would be melted by now and it isn’t.”  So what they’ve come up with is “The Pause.”  Capital T, capital P. “The Pause.” There is some inexplicable thing happening that is temporarily delaying the man-made global warming that everybody believes is true because of what?  Computer models.

There is no evidence.

You can research all you want.  You can search the web. You can read scientific journals. Everything.  There is no conclusive evidence of it.  It’s all tied up into computer models.  So now they’ve had to come up with this term, The Pause, to explain it.  “It comes out of this dust from the Sahara.  How about all the volcanoes?  Yes, and the earthquakes.”  Any cockamamie silly excuse.

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