Scandinavian Unexceptionalism: The Failure of Third-Way ‘Democratic Socialism’

Does Democratic Socialism Work Any Better Than Totalitarian Socialism? Well…
Simply put, there is less prosperity in nations with big government compared to nations with small government.

No Bernie, Denmark is Not a Socialist Utopia
Socialist/communist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders loves to sing the praises of a small Scandinavian country, Denmark. It seems he has fallen out of love with his previous favorite countries, the Soviet Union and Cuba, which he “warmly praised” in the late 1980s.

Sweden and its Welfare State in Crisis
The Swedish welfare state, which has been the hallmark of the Swedish state around the world, is also changing or possibly even being phased out.

9 Big Questions About Democratic Socialism
As with most public policy ideas, we tend to get pretty far down the road before we ask basic questions related to the project.

Is Sweden Socialist? No, but…
The country is in fact very pro capitalism, but does redistribution through taxes.

Why Swedish-Style Socialism Is Completely Incompatible With Identity Politics
While Scandinavian countries have higher taxes and overall more generous public services, using Sweden as a model of socialism’s success can be misleading.

Nordic Economics Explained: The Difference Between “Compassionate” Capitalism and Socialism
It’s true that Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark have notable economic successes. It is false that they have been achieved through socialism.

Sweden’s Impending Moral and Economic Collapse
The so-called “Nordic Paradise” devolves into hell.

Native of Scandinavia Debunks Myth of Nordic Countries as Socialist
“The bottom line: Copy the Nordic model if you like, but understand that it entails a lot of capitalism and pro-business policies, a lot of taxation on middle-class spending and wages, minimal reliance on corporate taxation, and plenty of co-pays and deductibles in its health care system,” the J.P. Morgan report adds. 

About That Socialism in the Nordic Countries…
Democrats wrongly point to these nations as examples of what they mean for socialism. In The Federalist, Swedish economist and Cato Institute fellow Johan Norberg was cited: “Free markets and small government made Sweden rich. The experiment with socialism crashed us.”

The Swedish Lesson: Welfare States Create Moral Hazard
Having watched people game the welfare state, Nordic countries have scaled it back in favor of free markets.

Finnish Government Collapses Due to Rising Cost of Universal Health Care
Finland’s welfare system is also generous in its provisions, making it relatively expensive. Attempts at reform have plagued Finnish governments for years. Similar problems are bedeviling Sweden and Denmark, two other countries frequently held up as models to follow on health care. Finland’s crisis in particular comes as calls for universal health care have grown louder among Democrats in the United States.

The Cost of Democratic Socialism
A defining feature of the 20th century was the struggle between capitalism and three major types of socialism: Communism, national socialism, and fascism. All three types of socialisms, as well as Cuba and Venezuela today, failed to duplicate the accomplishments of capitalism in raising the standard of living. Yet, a supposed new brand of socialism, “democratic socialism,” is emerging in the United States. Democratic socialism has two objectives consistent with all other types of socialism: the top-down control of resource allocation and the top-down predetermined economic outcome.

Are Norway and Sweden Socialist Countries?
Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), the new face of the progressive left, says she wants socialism as it is practiced in Norway and Sweden, not as it is or was practiced in the Soviet Union, Cuba or Venezuela.

Video: Sweden is Not a Socialist Success
Many people think Sweden is socialist, but its success comes from free markets.

Venezuela Reveals the Natural Progression of “Democratic Socialism”
Venezuela shows that socialism requires time to reduce a prosperous economy to misery and rule over its ruins.

‘Democratic Socialism’: A Myth and an Oxymoron
What is not well understood is how the social construct of a pure democracy cannot redeem any feature of socialism. Instead, it would hasten the arrival of collective totalitarianism.

How ‘Democratic Socialism’ Wreaked Havoc On My Native Sweden
Sweden’s experiment with ‘democratic socialism’ resulted in four decades of lost progress. Let’s learn from their mistake, not emulate it.

Context Is Key in Evaluating Nordic ‘Socialism’
Many of Scandinavian social democracies’ most successful ideas simply wouldn’t work in the U.S.

There’s No Such Thing as ‘Democratic Socialism’
Implicit in the entire discussion of their prized new order is that everything about the American economy, way of life and culture that is to their liking would remain securely in place, unaffected by the transition to democratic socialism. That, of course, is preposterous.

What do ‘real socialists’ think of democratic socialists?
“In Denmark,” he said, “there is a very different understanding of what ‘freedom’ means.” Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen disagreed, pointing out in a speech delivered at Harvard that Sanders missed some important details in his attempt to make America Danish. “I would like to make one thing clear,” Rasmussen said. “Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy.”

Reality Check: Women Are Worse Off In ‘Democratic Socialist’ Countries
Public-sector monopolies, publicly funded child care and parental leave, and ineffective gender quotas have hurt Nordic women’s career trajectories.

Denmark’s “Ghetto Laws” Show How the Welfare State Breeds Conflict
Authoritarian cultural homogeneity is the only way for a vast welfare state to survive.

Ain’t No Way Norway Is a Model for Democratic Socialism
If America is “capitalism run wild,” then so is Norway. If Norway is “socialism,” then so is the United States.

Ten Reasons We Can’t, and Shouldn’t, Be Nordic
Nordic-system evangelists would have you believe that citizens of freer-market countries are stressed while those living under generous social-welfare systems are happier and more relaxed.

The Myth of Scandinavian Socialism
The Nordic model is far from socialist.

Why Socialism Is Still Awful Despite Its European Image Makeover
While conservatives have been busy repudiating outdated communist ideas, the American left has succeeded in selling a new fantasy: the democratic-socialist utopia.

Another Liberal Meme Promoting Socialism Ripped to Shreds
This meme about Denmark has been virally making its way around the interwebs. It paints a rosy picture of a country where everything is free and people are remarkably happy but that isn’t quite true.

Sanders, Socialism and the Pursuit of Happiness by Michael Swartz
Contrary to the senator’s assertion, socialism doesn’t bring contentment.

Democratic Socialism is Still Socialism — a video from Prager University
What is democratic socialism? What makes it different than regular socialism? Has it been tried? Could it work in the United States? Comedian and political commentator Steven Crowder.

The Swedish Case for Limited Government by Daniel J. Mitchell

Misconceptions about the Nordic Economies by Luis Pablo de la Horra
Far from being socialistic, the economic recipes that have led Denmark or Sweden to have sustainable Welfare States are those usually identified with the free market: deregulated economies and flexible labor markets. Secondly, the burdensome taxation system in the Scandinavian countries is rather regressive; hence, the fiscal burden is essentially borne by low and middle classes.

In One Chart, Everything You Need to Know About Big Government, the Welfare State, and Sweden’s Economy by Daniel Mitchell

5 Myths About Nordic Socialism Peddled By the Left by Nima Sanandaji
In reality, socialism has hurt Nordic countries like Denmark and Sweden. The US should avoid their mistakes, not repeat them.

The Welfare State Has Slowly but Surely Eroded Nordic Character by Daniel Mitchell

Europe’s Welfare States Try Welfare Reform by Nima Sanandaji
Scandinavian nations are abandoning what American progressives call ‘the Nordic model.’

Why would the U.S. want to be like Denmark? by Sierra Rayne

Denmark Teacher Eviscerates Liberals’ Call For “Free Stuff” — from Clash Daily

Scandinavia’s Third Way Policies Killed Entrepreneurship and Growth by Nima Sanandaji

Sweden Isn’t a Good Role Model for Bernie Sanders by Kent Kellar

“Democratic Socialism” Is a Contradiction in Terms by Sandy Ikeda
What Happens When You Try to Combine Democracy with Socialism?

The above title comes from this 2015 report by Nima Sanandaji: Scandinavian Unexceptionalism: Culture, Markets, and the Failure of Third-Way Socialism. It was mentioned by Daniel Mitchell, who has written the following articles on the topic:

Comparing the United States and Nordic Nations: Is American “Inequality” Bad if It Simply Means Some People Get Richer Faster than other People Get Richer?

By Daniel Mitchel:

A Nordic Nightmare for Bernie Sanders

Economic Lessons from the Nordic Countries

Will Denmark Become a Shining Example of Mitchell’s Golden Rule?

The World’s (or at least Denmark’s) Most Depressing PowerPoint Slide

The Punitive Economic Cost of Class-Warfare Taxation

Denmark’s Party Boat and the Ever-Expanding Welfare State

Even Scandinavian Welfare States Realize Too Much Dependency and Too Many Handouts Are Destructive

The Danish Dr.-Jekyll-Mr.-Hyde Paradox and Wagner’s Law

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