School Moms Not Happy with U.S. Public Education System

NCPAHere’s #2 from the NCPA:

U.S. education has become less and less competitive with the rest of the world, and U.S. citizens are beginning to realize the inadequacies of American education. In fact, 61 percent of K-12 school moms believe that U.S. public schools have “gotten off on the wrong track,” says Paul DiPerna, research director at the Freidman Foundation for Educational Choice.

U.S. school moms not only believe that education has gotten off on the wrong track, but believe that the government has acted poorly in handling educational matters.

  • Only 26 percent of Americans feel that K-12 education is going in the right direction.
  • When asked to “rate the federal government’s handling of matters in K-12 education,” about four out of five school moms (79 percent) say “fair” or “poor.”

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