Scripted Leftist Orthodoxy Aping ‘News’ Is the Danger to Our Democracy

Here is John Zmirak telling it like it is regarding the dominant media and their Leftist orthodoxy:

Imagine you had to talk to a young person in your family about politics and media. Let’s say your nephew or cousin has been absorbing all the “approved” ideas purveyed by our elites. Yes, he once learned sane views from his parents or Christian teachers. But now they’re dissolving under the acid of incessant professional messaging by the Left. It’s that acid that forms the views of his peers, whom he doesn’t want to alienate. So he has every incentive to shift ever leftward, instead of swimming upstream.

Don’t you remember being a teenager or twentysomething? Such pressure is hard to buck, except for those of us who are almost pathological introverts or sheer, instinctive misanthropes. (And there you have the John Zmirak story, folks.)

Our nation is deeply divided now. That’s thanks in large part to the ongoing, well-funded tantrum over Donald Trump’s election. Imagine if a year after Barack Obama’s election, millions of people openly refused to accept his legitimacy as president. If they’d bullied him into appointing an independent counsel staffed by Republican holdovers to investigate his birth certificate. Then used that non-issue to launch a destructive fishing expedition aimed at ruining his campaign staffers. That’s where we are now with Trump. But thousands of media types with interchangeable views have worked to normalize what’s happening: the disenfranchisement of half of America.

John Kasich: Right Wing Extremist

Trump’s gruff persona doesn’t help, but it’s not to blame. The left was every bit as apoplectic over the amiable, disconnected George W. Bush. David Hogg (or his ventriloquist) is savaging the obsessively bipartisan Marco Rubio and John McCain, and trying to drive Laura Ingraham off the air. That’s after she graciously, foolishly apologized for a harmless critical Tweet.

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