Sean Hannity: Good riddance to James Comey, a national embarrassment

Below is an excerpt from an op ed by Sean Hannity that provides some critical information that far too few Americans will hear because of the conservative movement’s failure in the information war.

If conservatives had taken the information war seriously for the past several decades, they would have succeeded in insuring the existence of credible journalistic enterprises that actually report facts and not Leftist narratives non-stop. Note this headline from the Media Research Center:

Nets Spend 62 Percent of Comey Coverage Pushing Firing Conspiracy

The lack of old-fashioned journalism is becoming a threat to the health of the nation. Don’t take this to mean I see Fox News as the example of how it should be done. I don’t. But at least Fox is more independent.

Here is Hannity:

James Comey, the now-former FBI director, was lucky that President Trump kept him around as long as he did, given his unhinged and very erratic behavior. He had become a national embarrassment.

Comey failed the American people on a spectacular level. At every turn, he disrespected the Constitution and showed he does not care about the equal application of the rule of law. He stood by while our Fourth Amendment rights were trampled. Worst of all, he created a two-tiered justice system, one for Hillary and Bill Clinton, and one for the rest of America.

Consider the facts. Hillary Clinton used a private email server to circumvent congressional oversight and sunshine laws. That server contained top-secret special access programs — in other words, the highest level of classified information on her computer. She deleted over 30,000 emails on that computer, claiming they were personal.

Back in July, when Comey made his big announcement on Hillary Clinton and the investigation, he acknowledged all of these facts. In doing so, he acknowledged that crimes had been committed. After noting that hundreds of emails found on the unsecured server were classified or top secret, Comey told us why it was such a dangerous situation.

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