Sebastian Gorka lays out the three great threats to America

By John Dale Dunn:

Sebastian Gorka, expert in matters of national security and recent national security adviser to President Trump, has written The War for America’s Soul (2019), which provides a current and in-depth assessment of domestic and foreign threats to the American Republic as a follow-up and amplification of his points made and discussed in his two recent books, Why We Fight: Defeating America’s Enemies — with No Apologies (2018) and Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War (2016).

Dr. Gorka (Ph.D., Corvinus, Budapest) is a recent émigré from England and Hungary. His refugee Hungarian father and mother landed in London after the 1956 Hungarian uprising. His father Paul was an anti-communist resistance leader betrayed by British intelligence during the scandalous time of the traitor Kim Philby. He was imprisoned by the commies but escaped during the short period of the Hungarian freedom uprising in 1956. Sebastian, his son, served the government of Hungary in the period after the fall of the Berlin Wall during the transition to freedom form commie slavery.

Dr. Gorka is a former campaign adviser on national security and then deputy assistant to President Trump after the election of 2016. He has lectured and advised U.S. military special operations schools on asymmetric war — namely, irregular non-national terrorist, communist, and Islamic threats to America, foreign and domestic. He was awarded the Joint Civilian Service Commendation by U.S. Special Operations Command for his counterterrorism education and policymaking efforts.

. . .

He provides extensive interviews of Victor Davis Hanson and Conrad Black, two political historians of import. Later in the book, he engages President Trump in an interview. All this is invaluable.

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