Senator Chris Lauzen again runs against a pack of clueless Republicans

The simplest way to describe the failures of the Republican Party at the state level and national level is the GOP’s abject failure to stick to principle.

State Senator Chris Lauzen has been the most consistently principled member of the Illinois General Assembly since he was first elected in 1992. He is unlike most many other legislators who come and go – waver and cave – on what is supposed to matter for Republicans.

It’s not a secret to a lot of political activists and Springfield “insiders” that Chris Lauzen is not among the most popular members of our state legislature. It’s easy to see why. While most of the Republicans are unprincipled people (who I’ve termed as politically useless), the guy who wants to keep talking about fiscal responsibility and limited government eventually wears down his welcome in a city that is all about spending more and more tax dollars whether Illinois has the funds or not.

And you can forget about there being any talk of accountability. “Accountability” is a word for campaign brochures – not for real life governing according to most of those little legislators. Chris Lauzen has been one of the stalwart exceptions. Because of that, of course, he is the constant target of all manner of silly and pathetic personal attacks. Believe me – I have first hand experience watching how the political small minds go after Chris without end.

Now, almost on cue, the simple-minded Republicans have found a primary opponent for Lauzen. Don’t misunderstand – he revels in the chance to be on the campaign trail not only defending his record but once again to talk about fiscal responsibility and limited government.

Of the 70 Republican members of the General Assembly, there are several dozen of them who not only deserve a primary opponent, but the future of the IL GOP would be brighter if they were to be taken out by a Democrat.

If you need that previous paragraph explained, go through the archives of this website and familiarize yourself with the last decade and a half or so of Republican Party history in this state. The biggest hindrance to reform here in Illinois isn’t the Democrats, it’s failed, feckless, spineless Republicans whose lack of vision is only matched by their lack of ability (that is, if you want to know what I really think).

These men and women have enough of what it takes to get elected – but not much more. I’ve writtenat length pointing out a simple fact: an enormous impact can be made on the minds of voters if there are seventy (!) elected officials working to advance an alternative agenda for how this state should be governed. For just one example – here is an article from six years ago.

There’s more background that’s worth covering on this one state senate race. I’ve decided this is Chris Lauzen week for the Dispatches column. Stay tuned.

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