Send Us Newt: The arguments against Gingrich are not compelling

FINALLY someone addressed the pathetic U.S. House Republicans who tossed Newt out only to put in the pie-eating Denny Hastert. For all the b.s., the historic record is clear – once Newt was gone, any constraint on spending or conservative agenda left Capitol Hill. Melissa O’Sullivan, a solid conservative, wrote this in National Review:

Finally, the fact that Newt was ousted from his leadership role by his own party reminds me of someone else who had her own party turn on her — Margaret Thatcher. Enough said.

Actually, that isn’t enough said. The charge against him now is that he’s “reckless.” Yep. In 1990, as minority whip, Newt was reckless enough to stand up to his own president, George H. W. Read-My-Lips Bush, over the tax increase. In 1995, as Speaker, he was reckless enough to go for a government shutdown over spending, only to have his fellow Republican Bob Dole, the Senate majority leader, cut the legs out from under him with his “Enough is enough” edict (as I recall, just as public opinion was starting to turn in our favor on this issue, Dole pulled the plug, thereby ensuring that we got zero out of the exercise). Newt was reckless enough to be above the fray and do what he had to do, going against the hard-line reactionaries to get welfare reform and a balanced-budget compromise from President Clinton.

And when members of his own party ousted Newt from the leadership, with whom did they replace him? Dennis Hastert. NOW, enough said!

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