Seven Things Congress Can Do to Balance the Budget

NCPA newFrom the National Center for Policy Analysis:

The new 114th Congress has a responsibility to address growing spending and debt. It could adopt a joint budget resolution that reveals to the American people just how Congress intends to put the budget on a path to balance.

Here are seven priorities for Congress’s FY 2016 budget resolution:

  • Allocate $584 billion to defense spending for FY 2016 in the 050 function to enable the U.S. military to meet the national security requirements. Moreover, the United States should devise a budget based on a national security strategy and military capability requirements.
  • Repeal Obamacare in its entirety. This would eliminate the $2 trillion in new spending and $771 billion in increased revenue. In addition, this would alleviate the burdens caused by Obamacare’s costly and onerous federal insurance regulations.
  • Federal Medicaid spending should be put on a budget. This change could help reduce the perverse incentives created by the open-ended funding model. Along with the fiscal reforms, Congress could allow able-bodied enrollees to use Medicaid dollars to purchase private health coverage of their own choosing.

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