Sex ed forced on kindergartners?

OneNewsNowFrom Dr. Jerry Newcombe at OneNewsNow:

Children are being robbed today of their chance to be children. They’re being forced by adults to be exposed to things not age appropriate for them. Unbelievably, in Chicago they are now starting to mandate that kindergartners must go through sex ed classes – 300 minutes’ worth.

Steven Ertelt reports in (9/2/13): “Last week, the Chicago public school system caused a furor by announcing that it thought little boys and girls in kindergarten are ready for sex ed classes. It turns out President Barack Obama, before he became president, agreed.” (Read report from OneNewsNow)

Ertelt amplifies that last point, noting that this fulfills “a proposal President Barack Obama supported in 2003 when he served in the Illinois state senate and later defended when he ran for president in the 2008 election cycle.”

Lest we accuse Ertelt of some right-wing, biased reporting, he adds: “ published a story about what Obama told Planned Parenthood. It carried the headline: ‘Sex Ed for Kindergartners “Right Thing to Do,” Says Obama.’”

Good grief. Sex education for kindergartners? Mandatory? One even wonders if they’ll be told the whole truth. For example, about the dangers of so many sexual lifestyles today.

A few years ago, a Massachusetts school board voted to allow elementary school students access to condoms. At that time, I interviewed Peter Sprigg, senior fellow at the Family Research Council, about the story.

He said, “Well, my understanding is that the school system wants to make condoms available in the schools, and they are not going to place any restriction by age on who may access them. So, the implication would be that if a first-grader asks for a condom, that they could get one.”

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