Sharyl Attkisson: Media Will Never Get Back to Reporting Facts Without Bias

Sharyl Attkinsson is the model for what a journalist is supposed to be. Unfortunately, after the failure of the Obama Administration in every policy area, and after Hillary’s devastating defeat in November, the liberal media has decided it now has a new role: destroy President Donald Trump.

This simple reality begs the question — when will conservative millionaires and billionaires start buying newspapers, radio news networks, and other media outlets and begin to commission real journalism? Not hyped spin and deceptive reporting like most news these days — just straight delivery of information and events with differing viewpoints given fair treatment.

We can’t win the information war without trusted journalistic sources, and today there are too few. While the conservative press does admirable work and is improving, a down-the-middle approach is needed to win the confidence of Americans who currently aren’t on the political right.

Here is Trey Sanchez writing at Truth Revolt:

That’s a cold, hard fact right there.

Sharyl Attkisson, ex-CBS reporter and one of the last few real journalists left, used her Twitter account over the weekend to discuss the state of the media. Holding an impromptu Q&A, the author of Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington, confirmed from an insider’s perspective that the mainstream media will never again report facts without bias.

Below are some excerpts Attkisson had with her followers:

Q: A free & RESPONSIBLE press being vital to our republic, is there a chance they’ll get the message? We’re onto them.

A: No we in the press are acting just like we did during the campaign as if no lessons were learned. If anything, digging in worse.

Q: Follow up. Then just who are we supposed to count on to expose govt intransigence? Or pat it on the back when warranted?

A: It’s supposed to be us–the press. But I can’t say we can be fully counted on at all right now for that.

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