Sheriff Clarke Whoops CNN’s Don Lemon RE Black Lives Matter (Video)

Truth-teller Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke sizes up situations untainted by politically correct ideology. Clarke shoots straight with no fear of MSM.

Sunday, Sheriff Clarke schooled CNN’s Don Lemon, who seemed startled by such forthright language. But such dialogue is long overdue.

Mainstream Media pussyfoots around the truth, ceding to the Black Lives Matter and every other radically Left group, always advancing the anti-Second Amendment, anti-cop narrative.

God bless Sheriff Clarke, sickened by the BLM sympathizers, he rained down some long-overdue righteous indignation on Lefty Lemon.

Clarke speaks for a nation of Law Enforcement personnel and other patriots who have had it with the violent anarchy of Black Lives Matter, spawn of the race grievance industry. Race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson ride the race victimization money train and have no desire for “peace and coming together.”

Watch as Sheriff Clarke administers a top-shelf whooping to CNN’s Don Lemon.

Don Lemmon: Here to talk about how to keep our police safe is Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. He’s going to be speaking at the Republican Convention tomorrow night. Sheriff, thank-you very much. For that horrific day I spoke to the heads of the sheriff department and the police department down there and they told us how their hearts were reeling. Their message was peace, and coming together in the country. What’s your message?

Sheriff Clarke: You don’t believe that for one minute do you?

DL: That their message is?

SC: Yea…

DL: Uh…that’s what they said to me.

SC: Okay.

DL: Yea I believe them.

SC: Any protests over these over the deaths of these cops today in Baton Rouge?

DL: I don’t know that…I don’t know that…

SC: Any riots or protests over the police officers in Dallas Texas?

DL: What are you asking?

SC: It’s a pretty simple question.

DL: I asked you what your message to the people…theirs is one of peace. What is your message?

SC: My message has been clear from day one two years ago. This anti-cop sentiment from this hateful ideology called Black Lives Matter has fueled this rage against the American Police Officer. I predicted this two years ago! What I want to know…what I want to know…

DL: Okay, with all due respect, Sheriff, do you know that this was because of that?

SC: Yes I do.

DL: As a law enforcement officer?

SC: I’ve been watching this for two years. I predicted this. This anti-police rhetoric sweeping the country has turned out some hateful things inside of people that are now playing themselves out on the American police officer. I want to know, with all of the black-on-black violence in the United States of America — by the way, when the tragedies happened in Louisiana and Minnesota, do you know that 21 black people were murdered across the United States? Was there any reporting on that?

DL: there was a black officer who was killed today. But let’s…

SC: Was there any reporting on that?

DL: Sheriff, please, let’s just keep the volume down here.So I understand and I listen I…

SC: I’m looking at three dead cops this week and I’m looking at five last week and you’re trying to tell me to keep it down? I would like to have a conversation with you…

DL: Please. Just please…if we can keep it civil. Because the message to people at home, I’m sure, is one of civility…

SC: Don, I wish that you had that message of civility toward this hateful ideology, These purveyors of hate, that’s what they do…

DL: You don’t know what my message is…what I want to say to you is…

SC: These people preach…

DL: Are you going to let me get a word in?

SC: These people preach vile and virtue in the name of hate!

DL: We’ll be right back. We’re going to go to break and we’ll be right back.

Again, God Bless Sheriff David Clarke! His words of clarity cut through the Progressive nonsense we hear parrotted by President Obama and AG Lynch.

There is NO room for sympathy with Black Lives Matter. Instead, Americans should weep with the loved ones of the fallen cops.

Sheriff Clarke is absolutely correct: Black Lives Matter is HATEFUL ideology and must be rebuked by civic leaders nationwide.

These shootings have nothing to do with guns and gun control: these shootings are the result of this hateful, vile ideology of BLM, sown in the hearts of people, kindled by the words of the President and his Attorney General.

Shame on President Obama.

Well done Sheriff Clarke!

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