Shocking Sex-Ed Material in 5th Grade

Excerpts and links to two articles about the latest regarding the idiots running the public schools. First, from Laurie Higgins:

Shocking Sex-Ed Material in 5th Grade

**Caution: Not For Younger Readers**
Includes Some Graphic Content and Links

Parents of 5th grade students at Andrew Jackson Language Academy, a West Side Chicago Public School (CPS) magnet school,  were stunned and repelled by the binder of sex ed material that they were shown recently during an after-school presentation about the upcoming sex ed class.

The binder included the following PowerPoint slides:

  1. A picture of Homer Simpson with the words, “Lube, Lube, Lube. Use more lubrication, increase pleasure…”
  2. A slide which appears to come from the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, a homosexual activist organization (slide#5): “Once you pop, you won’t have to stop! FCs [female condoms] don’t require an erect penis, so your partner doesn’t have to pull out right after ejaculation. Feel the heat! FCs adjust to body temperature, so both you and your partner can feel the heat. Oh! Oh! The two rings of the FC double the pleasure for you and your partner.”
  3. A slide that reads “Female condoms are for everybody: men, women, transgender folk, gay straight, any position, any time.”
  4. And a slide that says “Where YOU can get female condoms…,” with a list of places where 11-year-olds could presumably access female condoms.

A mother interviewed by a local news station was clearly irritated with material pertaining to anal intercourse, saying that it is not “appropriate” for the school to tell her 5th grade daughter that “it’s okay to have safe anal sex.”

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Next, from Tony Perkins:

Chicago Bares: City Moves Goal Posts on Sex Ed

People in the Windy City are getting blown away all right — but not by the weather. Parents at a local school say they are “shocked” and “horrified” at what their fifth-graders are learning as part of a new sex education curriculum. Moms and dads had the opportunity to flip through a binder of lessons at Andrew Jackson Language Academy during a special workshop, and some were too disgusted to even repeat what they’d read.

Angela Bryant, the chair of the local school council, said that the handouts were counterproductive because they were created “in a manner that actually is piquing curiosity about sexual pleasure.” Although Academy officials insisted that some of the more objectionable material was accidentally included, the same content appears on other schools’ websites as part of the class. Among other things, these 10-year-olds were learning alternative sex acts, how to use female condoms, lubricant, and what kids can do to prolong the sexual experience. Until the issue is ironed out, angry parents are demanding another school board meeting. One mom said she considers herself a liberal, but even she was “appalled” at what Chicago teachers considered appropriate for elementary students.

Maryland parents can sympathize. There, middle schoolers were asked to report on their sexual activity for the first time as part of an anonymous online survey. Questions about how old they were, how many times, condom use were just some of the invasive topics put before kids. One angry dad wrote a scathing op-ed in the Baltimore Sun asking what’s on most of our minds: “On what authority does the state of Maryland act when they question our middle school children, still babies all of them, about such outrageous and distasteful subject matter?” David Bittle fumes.

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