Since 2010, 32 States Have Enacted Over 100 Pro-Life Laws

In the past twenty-plus years pro-lifers are the only group in the conservative alliance to achieve public opinion and legislative success. Public opinion polls show the majority of Americans are now pro-life. And gives us this:

Most news coverage of abortion-related issues tends to focus on developments at the federal level. Judicial nominees, federal legislation, and Supreme Court decisions constitute a large percentage of abortion-related coverage.

However, this past weekend, the CBS evening news ran a segment about the substantial gains that pro-lifers are making at the state level.

The segment discusses a recent Guttmacher report which found that 2011 and 2012 were record-setting years in terms of the amount of state-level pro-life legislation that was enacted. Since 2010, 32 states have enacted over 100 pro-life laws.

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