Single-Payer Ready for Strike Three and You’re Out

Here is Brian C. Joondeph writing at American Thinker writing about the single-payer fantasy:

Single-payer healthcare remains the holy grail for Democrats seeking the ultimate in command and control government. Wealth redistribution on a previously unimaginable scale. The nanny state government controlling all aspects of everyone’s life, as few human activities don’t influence health in some way.

Congressional Democrats are locked and loaded with federal legislation expanding Medicare to everyone. Specifically, this bill would provide, “all individuals residing in the United States and U.S. territories with free health care.” Interesting wording. “Individuals residing in the U.S.,” not “legal residents in the U.S.,” meaning, free medical care for anyone from anywhere, with any disease or medical condition, if they are physically within the U.S. This would include illegal immigrants.

The bill was introduced by Democratic Rep. John Conyers on Jan. 24, just four days after President Trump was inaugurated. I must hand it to the Democrats. Their pet issue, ready to go, only 30 pages in length, even though it will go nowhere in a Republican-controlled Congress.

Contrast with the Republicans, railing against Obamacare for the past seven years, endless promises of “repeal and replace” if voters give them control of the House. Then the Senate. Finally, the White House. Why not a repeal bill, four days after inauguration, which is all the Democrats needed? Instead several months later, the House passed Obamacare-lite, barely, after initially postponing the vote due to political infighting.

Even now the “non-repeal and replace” bill is in jeopardy based on how the CBO might score the bill. Again, Democrats had legislation introduced immediately. And if they had Congressional majorities and a Madam President, this would have been signed into law before Valentine’s Day. Rather, four months into the largest majority Republicans have enjoyed in almost a century, they have accomplished nothing on healthcare reform, instead fretting over Trump, James Comey, and mythical Russian collusion.

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