Sinise Surrenders To The LGBT Lobby — What Would Lieutenant Dan Say?

From Austin Ruse at the Daily Caller:

Harvard’s Harvey Mansfield once said you could tell in society who’s in charge by who is allowed to get angry. In case you didn’t know who’s allowed to get angry in America these days, it’s the LGBT lobby.

They got plenty riled that actor Gary Sinise and Fox News anchor Bret Baier were to appear before a prestigious group of Catholic CEOs who hold Catholic views, and within hours both Sinise and Baier withdrew from the conference.

Two issues present themselves; first, the patrol of pubic discourse by sexual ideologues, and second, the fear among the otherwise rich and powerful of these sexual ideologues.

The unforgivable sin of this group of Catholic CEOs, called Legatus, is they hold views about homosexuality that are unacceptable to the gay paladins who patrol the ramparts of pubic discourse for any deviation from their ideology. And not just monitor, they also punish.

One of the scheduled speakers at the Legatus conference is former male super model Paul Darrow who left the gay way of life, converted to the Catholic Church and now counts himself among that rapidly growing cohort of “ex-gays.” There is no redder flag to the LGBTs than ex-gays since the gay way is complete, final, irreversible, and irresistible.

Darrow is a member of a Catholic group called Courage that helps those with unwanted same-sex desire to live according to Church teaching on sexual ethics. Such practices and views are seen by powerful LGBT groups as unacceptable and even hateful and must be stamped out.

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