Slammed by profs and historians, Mitch Daniels digs in

The Daily Caller2This recent controversy cracks me up. Howard Zinn was a dishonest crank. From the Daily Caller:

Mitch Daniels is defending his push to prevent Howard Zinn’s nonsense history from being taught to public school children:

“Amidst new questions from the Organization of American Historians and his own faculty, Purdue President Mitch Daniels maintained that he did nothing wrong when he criticized a left-leaning scholar during his Indiana governorship. Daniels is accused of considering ways to prevent the works of Howard Zinn, a far left historian and activist, from being taught in classrooms. An Associated Press report claimed that Daniels discussed censoring Zinn’s ‘A People’s History of the United States’ at colleges, including the one where Daniels is now president. But Daniels only wanted to keep Zinn out of K-12 classrooms, he said.”

This is not censorship. It would be academic malpractice to allow high-school students to be taught Howard Zinn’s horseshit history of the U.S. If school children want to miseducate themselves on their own time, more power to them. TheDC Morning is on Team Daniels.

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