Smollett AND Chicago owe Trump supporters an apology

Here is Doug Ibendahl on Jussie Smollett and who is also owed an apology:

Many are now saying Jussie Smollett needs to apologize to Chicago. But why? How is the hate exhibited by Smollett towards President Trump and his supporters materially different from the hate many pillars of the Chicago community direct towards President Trump on a daily basis?

Smollett specifically set out to defame Trump supporters, and by association President Trump himself. Smollett’s long running hatred for Donald Trump is well documented in past interviews, and some of his tweets attacking the President are especially vile.

From the evidence we have thus far, it certainly appears that Smollett simply decided to take his hate to the next level.

Okay, sure, Smollett crossed a line. He actually allegedly went out in the cold, spent his own money, hired assistants, and choreographed a fiction intended to portray Trump supporters in a false light. Had Smollett stayed focused on channeling his Trump hate exclusively through his keyboard like so many in the media do, he would have been fine.

But where would Smollett get the idea that hating on all things Trump would win him kudos in Chicago or that being victimized by the President’s supporters would make him a hero deserving of an even larger paycheck?

Well, let’s start at the top with the soon-to-be-former mayor, Rahm Emanuel, who gloats about declaring Chicago a “Trump-Free Zone.”

And hardly a day goes by that the city’s two dying dailies, the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Timesaren’t lazily rehashing the very fake “Trump is a racist” narrative.

Let’s also not forget Chicago maintains the distinction of being the only place in America proven unsafe for a Trump rally, after leftist violence forced cancellation of the then-candidate’s March 11, 2016 event on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago. One of the anti-Trumpers onsite and proudly organizing the hate was a man with a lot of experience with hate and violence, an actual terrorist and Barack Obama’s old chum, Bill Ayers.

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