Social Issues Don’t Hurt Republicans

Here is Rush Limbaugh from this past Friday:

[Regarding] this whole business of the Republican Party and/or conservatives needing to shut up about social issues is a trap. That we’re not the ones that bring it up. We’re not the ones that are responsible for it. We are reacting when we discuss social issues.

The left is destroying this culture. The left and its march on this country is destroying moral foundations that have existed since the founding of the country. And if we don’t respond to it, we just sit by and let it happen. So we respond to it, and everybody says, “You gotta stop talking about with the social issues. The Republicans are never gonna win if you keep talking about the social issues.”

Breitbart: “On the eve of its Sept. 16 GOP presidential debate, CNN released a poll comparing voters’ attitudes on social issues today to where they were in June of 2011. The result? Voters are far more concerned about those issues now than they were four years ago.” What has happened in these last four years?

All kinds of cultural rot, all kinds of assaults on the culture and the traditional values and morality that define this country just in the last four years. Yet who gets blamed for talking about social issues? I started to get mad at this now when this happens on the golf course or wherever it is, ’cause it’s just groupthink ignorance that’s leading people to cast aside winning issue after winning issue after winning issue after winning issue because of the media.

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