Social Justice is a Proven Failure… and So Is Obama

From William Sullivan at American Thinker:

There is a reason that Obama’s ideological policy efforts have failed America. It is because they, like his ideology, are not American.

No, I am not suggesting that he wasn’t born here or that he’s not an American citizen. I am stating with absolute certainty that his core ideology is predicated upon anything but liberty. And since liberty is at the very core of American ideology, he is thoroughly un-American.

Obama’s vision for America is based upon equality, not liberty. And despite the apparent confusion that many Americans seem to have, these two principles do not represent the same thing. But don’t take my word for it. Milton Friedman, the brilliant economist and advisor to Ronald Reagan, has clarified the distinction between equality and liberty in the clearest of terms, and it doesn’t take a political mind to grasp it. It just takes a mind willing to accept reality.

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