Socialism and Obama’s Theology of Original Sin, Fundamental Transformation & Utopia

Here’s one of my favorites, Fay Voshell, writing at American Thinker:

There has been a great deal of nonsense written about the supposed cluelessness of our current administration concerning domestic and foreign policies. None of it is true. President Obama and his allies are not naïve, nor are they clueless idiots.

On the contrary, they are with great success deliberately sowing the seeds of a domestic and global revolution in order to fundamentally transform America and to use the United States’ global reach as a means for achieving a worldwide new order as defined by the Left’s deeply held, religious beliefs.

The theological justifications foundational for revolutionizing (“fundamentally transforming”) America and the world are at least twofold: One is to bring to fruition the leftist concept of a socialist/communist utopia through the destruction of the old order. The other is to expiate America’s original sin of slavery and European colonialism by destroying or transforming the irredeemable institutions that have perpetrated and continue to perpetrate the West’s societal distortions. For the Left, the original sin of racism, be it revealed in slavery or colonialism, has remained unexpurgated. It continuously mutates into new forms of racism because racism is a genetic moral deformation peculiar to the West.

Therefore, only revolutionary action that involves total destruction of Western institutions and the building of global structures from the ashes will finally expiate the original sins of racism and Western colonialism.

How and why is the leftist revolution to happen?

There are basically two types of revolution. One is characterized by public discontent welling from the bottom up. The result is a drastic change in governmental and societal constructs. The other involves authoritarian attempts to fundamentally transform a society from the top down. Often the one is nearly indistinguishable from the other, as the discontented who initially began the revolution find their way into the seats of power and then being to transform society by diktat, a term also known as “executive order.”

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