Socialism’s spoiled brats and how to prevent economic growth

In the National Review, conservative columnist Mona Charen refers to the rioters in France as “socialism’s spoiled brats.” We’ve got quite a few of the same type of spoiled brats here in America – with a healthy population of them here in Illinois.

Here’s how Charen describes what has taken place in France:

“Years of socialist legislation have shackled France’s economy and depressed growth. Between 1980 and 2000, only Greece and Germany grew more slowly (in Germany’s case, reunification took its toll). French law mandates a ‘livable’ minimum wage, with the result that jobs are comfortable for those who have them but often unobtainable for those who don’t. Because the French also make it extremely difficult to fire people, employers are reluctant to hire. The unemployment rate hovers around 10 percent. But for the young, the rate is closer to 25 percent. And for African and Arab immigrants, 50 percent is the norm.”

Mona Charen and others have pointed out the irony of the fact that as European countries attempt to undo some of the damage done by socialist policies, the Democratic Party seems bent on inflicting similar damage here.

Arthur Brooks posted an article at the American Enterprise Institute titled “Top Ten Ways Government Kills Jobs in America,” and in it he wrote:

“Our politicians all seem to agree on at least one thing: There will be no recovery unless America gets back to work.

But that’s often where the agreement ends. Once you move on to discuss how to get America back to work, opinions begin to diverge.

In general, the worst thing for job creation is a poor entrepreneurial climate.”

Brooks lists his top ten ways with explanations here. Below are just the headings:

  1. Uncertainty and business
  2. Uncertainty and the consumer
  3. High corporate taxes
  4. Unhealthy health insurance costs
  5. The threat of unionization
  6. Inability to hire and fire
  7. Trade restrictions
  8. Poor credit access
  9. Increasing unemployment insurance
  10. Encouraging frivolous lawsuits

It’s clear the Obama Administration is ten-for-ten in the wrong direction. To reverse course, Republicans need to be ten-for-ten in the right direction.