Solyndra – the perfect metaphor for the Obama Administration

Finally, a scandal that might be big enough to get through to the public that’s not paying attention. It’s all over the news. Just two links – first – from The Weekly Standard:

Solyndra Nation

To find a metaphor for the failed Obama presidency, look no further than Solyndra. Before it went bankrupt, the solar panel manufacturer was more than the recipient of a $535 million loan guarantee from the federal government. It was the model for the White House effort to put the American economy on a “new foundation.”

Next – from National Review:

Solyndra Loan: Felony Dumb

Not many Republicans in Congress can say that liberal comedian Jon Stewart has complimented them on The Daily Show. Rep. Brian Bilbray (R., Calif.) is one of the few. The seven-term congressman was praised on the show for his well-informed grilling of a Department of Energy executive at last week’s House committee hearing into the Solyndra loan fiasco. “I have no idea what the f**k that congressman from California was talking about,” Stewart said. “But here’s the thing — he does.”