Spare Us the Phony Outrage, Liberals!

A friend of mine that happens to have a terrific political mind commented on the tape of lewd statements by Donald Trump. She wondered how so many millions of women in the country could fake outrage when they bought and read the novel and/or watched the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

She also wondered how, in a society that has no problem with grown men sharing a restroom or locker room with little girls, could be upset over an eleven year old tape of crude words being spoken. She also marveled that this society — particularly the left — has nothing bad to say about the public nudity and sex acts performed during “gay pride” parades, but are not shocked by some uncouth banter.

Rush Limbaugh echoed those sentiments today on his show — he also referred to three articles — here were the first two:

Denise McAllister at PJ Media: “America, You Have No Right to Judge Donald Trump.”

Rebecca Teti at American Greatness: “On the Lewdness of Donald Trump.”

Here’s Rush:

There’s a third piece on this whole Access Hollywood, open-mic audio that the Drive-Bys just could not let go of for two days over the weekday.

It’s by Heather Mac Donald.  It’s entitled, “Trumped-Up Outrage — The Left condemns the GOP candidate even as it celebrates crudity and sexual exhibitionism throughout the culture.”  That’s exactly right!  That is exactly right!  These are the people who celebrate sexual depravity in the name of a progressive, advancing culture.  Do you think they’re worried by the P-word? (laughing) Do you think they’re worried by a bunch of locker room talk?  Look at what they bring us in the form of entertainment!

It’s the hypocrisy that gets me. But it’s more than hypocrisy because they have people who have actually lived in vulgarity, and they have promoted these people who have lived this vulgarity, and they have told us that we’re a bunch of stodgy old fogies if we’re bothered by it.  And they’ve told us it’s none of our business.  And they’ve told us to leave it alone and then made fun of us for being a bunch of boring, no-fun moralists.

And then when somebody comes along, behaves exactly in the manner, speaking exactly in a manner that their politics has promoted, we get this fake moral outrage that is just a bit much to take.  That’s bad enough, but when it’s used to win an election, that’s where I’m hoping that there is the biggest backlash brewing.

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