SPLC belongs on its own ‘hate group’ list

The first of two posts today on the evil Southern Poverty Law Center. From Bryan Fischer:

In the wake of the publication of the Weekly Standard’s devastating expose of the Southern Poverty Center (King of Fearmongers) it’s worth reminding the public of a salient truth about the SPLC: it belongs on in its own hate group list.
According to its own website, the criterion for adding groups to the list is “their propagation of known falsehoods” about homosexuality.

I hate to be the one to break this to Mr. Potok, but if that’s the criterion, he needs to add the name of the Southern Poverty Law Center to his own list.

Why? Because SPLC peddles 10 myths about homosexuality right there on its own website.

In other words, they promote the very “propaganda” that qualifies them for their own list. If anybody is guilty of the “propagation of known falsehoods,” it’s the SPLC itself.

I’ve gone to considerable lengths in another place to quantify that what the SPLC says are “myths” about homosexuality are in fact truths about the lifestyle, everyone of them.

Here in brief are the “known falsehoods” the SPLC propagates…

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