Springtime for Snowflakes

By Mark Tapson:

A professor’s memoir of the closing of the American mind.

The book is a memoir and thus, of course, details the author’s personal intellectual journey, but the heart of Springtime for Snowflakes, of course, is, as its subtitle states, an exploration of the roots of the social justice movement in the postmodern theory that migrated from France and took firm hold in academic circles — an influential wave Rectenwald finds analogous to the British pop music invasion of the 1960s. “How did the social justice creed gain dominance in academia? How and why was it made official policy in most colleges and universities in North America? Where did this social justice movement come from and how has it managed to permeate the broader culture and contend for domination?” These are the questions this succinct book answers with originality and the insights that likely could come only from an insider’s perspective.

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