Starting the week where we left off last week: The shutdown

Erick Erickson from says this: “Republicans are winning the shutdown fight, and Democrats know it.” We’ll see. Here’s his post:

Obamacare or the Debt Ceiling

Here’s what John Nolte says at

While our president still enjoys his essential employees and locations: the White House chefs, Camp David, and a military golf course, there doesn’t seem to be any question that in mercenary pursuit of a political win, this White House is determined to unreasonably punish as many everyday people as possible. And this includes children sick with cancer. That might sound like hyperbole, but it is not.

Here’s his post: The List: Unnecessarily Shut Down by Obama to Inflict Public Pain.

Here’s NRO’s Andrew C. McCarthy: How to Constitutionally Fund the Government: It’s the House’s prerogative to supply funds, or not, for Obamacare.

Here’s Thomas Sowell:  Inarticulate Republicans

Here’s What the Partial Federal Government Shutdown Is All About