Starve The Federal Beast

How can we starve the federal beast? Here is Parker Hudson:

The Federal Government is way too big, it doesn’t always work well, it impacts us far too much, and yet it continues to grow and to get worse.

Our Christian faith and our nation’s founding principles focus on individual freedoms and decisions—to choose Christ or not, to pursue a particular educational opportunity or not, to pursue a particular vocation or not, to succeed or to fail based on our own merits and decisions. But many federal laws, regulations, programs and taxes want to funnel us into one-size-fits all common behavior, actually destroying some otherwise possible outcomes, and equalizing others.

Because of this, families and local and state governments are hemmed in from programs and solutions which might fit them better than a solution crafted by political partisans in D.C., who are seemingly more focused on their own power than they are on innovation or on real problem solving.

And no matter how good some programs may be, they are bankrupting us in the process. The bureaucracy and programs just keep growing and growing, but we don’t want to pay for what we (or the politicians) demand to be done, so we load that burden onto our children and grandchildren. At $22 trillion of national debt, and at only 4% long term interest, that is almost $1 trillion of annual interest.Since only about half of us pay federal income taxes, if there are about 330 million Americans, that means simplistically that the half who pay taxes each owes $6,000 per year. If you live in a family of four, that’s an average of $2,000 per month you have to pay just to cover the interest on stuff we’ve already consumed, while others pay nothing. Could you do something better for your family with that money every month?

So, how to stop it?

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