Stop Standing Against Trump And Start Standing For America

As promised, like yesterday’s post — here is the summary intro to D.C. McAllister’s article excerpted below:

I see more energy and ire coming from political elites against Donald Trump than I ever saw in response to a president who has used his power to dismantle America.

Amen! Oh, and I’ll have more on this topic tomorrow again as Rush Limbaugh had some great things to say on his show today.

McAllister refers to “political elites” — which in my view includes many conservatives as well. And while I don’t agree with everything she writes in the article, she makes many important points:

The 2016 election has polarized the Republican Party and threatens to tear it apart. Some are worried that a Trump presidency dooms the GOP, but the real threat is the intransigence of the political elites who refuse to see the opportunities Trump’s popularity presents.

The GOP has a chance to expand its ranks (pulling in blue-collar voters, moderates, and independents) if it would only respect Trump supporters and admit how it has failed to push back against the progressive agenda that has threatened the security and prosperity of our nation. Instead, the #NeverTrump movement is slashing and burning, refusing to rebuild bridges that many of them broke in the first place.

The party is clearly in a state of realignment. This has happened throughout American history as shifts and changes in voter behavior have formed new coalitions and parties while others have disappeared. The lesson to be learned from history as well as our current circumstances is to respect the voters and recognize that changes need to be made. The party that is pliable will adapt and grow. The party that fails to listen and change will break apart.

Angry at Trump, Rather than the Left…

I stand amazed as I see more energy and ire coming from political elites in their fight against Trump than I ever saw in the last seven years in response to a president who has used his power in Sauron-like style to dismantle and transform America from a city on a hill to a dark Orwellian dystopia. Even now, as the cultural Marxists disrupt campaign rallies, the political elites are angrier at Trump and his “Trumpkins” than terrorist Bill Ayers and, led by Dr. Evil himself, George Soros, who were the ones responsible for the protests.

Sen. David Perdue (R-Georgia) has observed that the political elites just don’t get it, not after all this time: “Washington political establishment has hit the panic button,” and it’s not because they’re afraid of any one candidate, but “because they are afraid of losing their own political power.”

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