The Strategic Storytelling Advantage: How the Left beats the Right when it comes to weaving a tale

This article posted back in August, but conservatives still need to go to school on this. Here is Harold Hutchison writing at The Patriot Post:

When you saw the parade of celebrities endorsing Hillary Clinton at last week’s Democrat National Convention, how many of you just rolled your eyes, figuring it was typical of Hollywood? Well, maybe we conservatives should be taking that more seriously, because Hollywood’s kicking our rear ends.

No, we’re not just talking pop culture, although that is one of the ways they beat conservatives. They outdo us because, for all our eye rolling, Hollywood elites like Shondra Rimes and JJ Abrams (both of whom have publicly supported Hillary Clinton) give the Left a huge advantage. They are master storytellers. This is one reason the Left often has an edge — they have crafted a story, and many of the entertainment industry’s best storytellers are behind ‘em. You laugh — but don’t. Whether it’s a Taylor Swift breakup song, an episode of Gray’s Anatomy, or the latest Star Wars movie, a story’s being told — and these stories can make tons of money while they influence the way people think.

When you really think about it, for the last 25 years, the Democrats have used storytelling to their advantage. In the 1992 election cycle, it was about the “Man from Hope.” In 1996, it became about “Building a Bridge to the 21st Century.” In 2000, the narrative Al Gore peddled was “The People vs. the Powerful.” 2004 gave us “Bush Lied, People Died.” In 2008, Obama cruised to the White House on “Hope and Change.” For 2012, it was “The War on Women” and the “Forward” message. In 2016, it’s “Stronger Together.” (It’s worth noting that Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” story really resonated, hence his success in the primary.)

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