Super PACs and the Information War

Anyone waiting for the current political consultant class to help us win the information war is waiting for something that is not going to happen. Here is Erick Erickson writing just yesterday:

I saw this tweet a little while ago from Stuart Stevens:

For Bush SP to be sitting on $100m & not trying to define race, their candidate & Trump is very strange.

That is very strange.

Rick Perry had a very well funded Super PAC that fell flat as he withdrew. Then there was the Scott Walker Super PAC that likewise was well funded and had even more billionaires pledged to support it than Rick Perry’s.

Right now, the Ted Cruz Super PAC has done very little. But the more egregious of them all has to be the Jeb Bush Super PAC.

About the only thing coming out of Super PAC’s right now are even richer consultants. We’re headed toward professional malpractice territory with some of the efforts.

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