Support Family-Friendly, Economically-Wise Policies—Not Transportation Pork or Dependency

From Ryan T. Anderson, James Sherk and Emily Goff at The Daily Signal:

Obama’s new federally-funded infrastructure package the key to strengthening our nation’s families? That’s the argument of W. Bradford Wilcox of the American Enterprise Institute and Robert Lehrman of the Urban Institute in their essay “How to Revive the American Dream in Blue-Collar America.” It’s a misguided policy prescription, the fruit of a commitment to pick two ideas from the Left and two from the Right in a spirit of “bipartisan commitments.” But we can craft good public policy that promotes the common good—including the flourishing of families—without succumbing to bad economic thinking.

The three of us engaged Wilcox on Twitter, and you can see the conversation here and here. This tweet from Wilcox jumped out at us:

Sorry, @RyanT_Anderson, supply-side economics w/ a dollop of moralizing on top hasn’t helped working-class families over last 40 yrs

We thought it odd that Wilcox, at the conservative AEI think-tank, would embrace misguided federal transportation policy—and then place the blame for the economic challenges facing blue-collar workers on supply-side economics! As if the past 40 years have been a free marketer’s dream, without large helpings of cronyism and government regulations.

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