Sure They Want Marriage – To Destroy It

CultureWatchFrom Bill Muehlenberg:

If you believed only the lamestream media, you would think that just about the whole world has embraced homosexual marriage, except for a few backwater nations. The truth is, only around 12 out of around 240 nations have legalised it – so we are talking five per cent here. Not exactly a big majority.

Other claims pushed by the MSM are that all homosexuals want marriage, and that they want marriage as it now stands. Both are false. Most homosexuals are not interested in marriage, and many of the more honest ones have admitted that if they get their way, they fully intend to altogether gut the institutions of marriage and family.

The activists admit that they do not like the oppressive and restrictive nature of marriage – so they want in, only so that they might fully destroy it. But hey, don’t take my word for it. Plenty of homosexual activists have stated this clearly, so let me allow them to speak for themselves.

As I document in my book Strained Relations, they have already stated their views on what sort of marriage they really have in mind. One Australian lesbian decries same-sex marriage because of how restrictive it will be for homosexuals: “Why, then, would I be opposed to extending marriage to same-sex couples? The reason is that I think that the normative impact of marriage will be such that it will ultimately diminish, not enhance, the choices available to lesbians and gay men concerning their relationships. I have written about this elsewhere, as have others, so I shall not repeat the argument in depth. But it is important, in my view, to keep in mind the negative impact of marriage when considering whether legal recognition is appropriate and worth fighting for…

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