They Symphony Must Go On: Sometimes the Good Guys Win

Here’s Dennis Prager writing at National Review:

The Left won’t stop this symphony.

I am writing this column to inform readers of some good news.

The sustained efforts of individuals, organizations, and the media who oppose everything people like me stand for — America as an exceptional nation among the nations of the world; the unique contribution of the Judeo-Christian value system in shaping America and the best of Western civilization; sustaining Western civilization as a moral imperative; preserving the American Trinity of “Liberty,” “In God We Trust,” and “e pluribus unum”; promulgating the American and Judeo-Christian belief that race is insignificant; and an openness to all points of view — to shut down my conducting appearance with the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra at the Walt Disney Concert Hall tomorrow night have failed.

Other than two rows of seats, as of this writing, the Walt Disney Concert Hall — with 2,265 seats — is sold out.

Two weeks ago, I wrote a column titled “Another Left-Wing Attempt at Ostracism.” In it, I described the efforts of some members of the orchestra and some of Santa Monica’s political leaders, including an ex-mayor, to persuade orchestra members to refuse to play for me and to persuade people to refuse to attend the concert, where I am scheduled to conduct the Haydn Symphony No. 51.

UCLA professors Michael Chwe and Andrew Apter, both violinists with the Santa Monica Symphony, wrote in an open letter: “Please urge your friends to not attend this concert, which helps normalize bigotry in our community. . . . [Prager is] a right-wing radio host who promotes horribly bigoted positions.”

Apter told the Santa Monica Daily Press, “In the Santa Monica Symphony, to subject ourselves to the command of his baton is an implicit, if not explicit, endorsement of his bigoted ideas as a public figure.” And Chwe told that newspaper, “We object to Prager’s participation because he widely broadcasts bigoted views.”

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