How to Talk with Your Neighbor About Free Market Health Care

If conservatives were actively doing what Beverly Hallberg recommends in this article (like talking with a neighbor), conservatives would be winning the information war:

Americans love the free market, even if they don’t realize it. From our coffee to our cars to our work environments, we demand choice and the ability to personalize. Give them options and they will choose; more is always better.

When individuals are empowered to prefer a specific beverage, mode of transportation, or quality of life, it not only makes products better but it makes us happier.

We are watching this principle come to life in the health care debate—members of Congress who are fighting to preserve ObamaCare do so in the name of choice, while members who are fighting to “repeal and replace” are also doing so in the name of choice. The difference lies in who chooses—the government or you.

This is the heart of the argument, not only for politicians on Capitol Hill but for all of us as we talk to coworkers, neighbors, family, friends. Health care matters to everyone, and the decisions made in D.C. affect us for better or worse. If you believe the best health care policy is created by the free market, now’s the time to talk about it.

You may be hesitant given the accusations and myths on repeat in the news cycle, but we have the opportunity to make positive changes to bad policy. Let’s seize the moment and set the record straight.

To make the case for free market health care, show how the free market delivers more choice, lower costs, and better care.

The Free Market Produces More Choice

Both sides of the health care debate lean on choice. The train comes off the tracks when we talk about who chooses, especially when we defend our position with fancy words and phrases like “capitalism” and the “free market.” Both lead to good reform, but it’s best to use less controversial words for the sake of persuasion. Instead, support your argument with a simple word: “choice.”

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