Task force warns Illinois is broke; let’s fiddle away

And the Republican plan to solve Illinois’ budget problem is…what? Your guess is as good as mine. From Crain’s:

Yet another prestigious group suggests that Illinois is headed for fiscal calamity if it can’t somehow figure out how to reverse long-term and deepening budget woes…

A few hours after that task force issued its report last week, Gov. Pat Quinn hinted that he might call the Illinois General Assembly back to Springfield next month to deal with state pension reform. Maybe. Possibly. Perhaps.

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As this website has been saying for about a decade, don’t expect to see Republicans gain control here until they give voters a good reason to put them in charge.

The Illinois Comptroller’s office recently issued a report detailing the latest on the mess—you can read it here. Too bad the Comptroller and her staff haven’t the first clue about how to get the information effectively disseminated so her “allies” could develop the appropriate remedy.