Taylor Swift Celebrates The Sexes In ‘Wildest Dreams’

Here is the subtitle of Robert Oscar Lopez’s article today at The Federalist: “We love Taylor Swift because our ‘Wildest Dreams’ are about traditional sex roles.” Here is the opening of the post:

The newsrooms are busy with sex and gender these days: Kim Davis’s shocking imprisonment, a new Planned Parenthood sting video, the founder of the gay-rights behemoth Human Rights Campaign buying off and “disappearing” a teenage boy-witness to beat a child-sex-abuse charge, and a walkout of hundreds of Missouri students to protest a boy in a dress wanting full access to female locker rooms.

But people forgot the truly most telling story of the last week. Taylor Swift’s new video “Wildest Dreams” came out, and she’s gone brunette. In less than a week, just one of its multiple YouTube versions was closing in on 30 million hits. This is the big news we should all be talking about.

Why? Look at Swift’s choices and you will get a sense of what’s really brewing in the minds of Americans. Sporting chocolate-colored locks and a dazzling array of late-1940s Hollywood ensembles, hinting vaguely at Ida Lupino crossed with Joan Crawford, the usually blonde bombshell rolls on savannah grasslands with yawning lions, flies over frolicking African wildlife in a propeller plane, then poses in a silvery Lauren Bacall glitter gown while an old-fashioned bulb flashes in her eye.

Please, Can We Get Back to Normal?

Yes, there’s some boilerplate mixed in there about a leading man with stubble and a generically handsome profile, winning the starlet’s love in the meadows of Africa and then breaking her heart when they return to Los Angeles, but whatever. It isn’t a Taylor Swift video without an unconvincing romantic pretext to occasion chances for us to fawn over her titillating cheekbones, blood-red lips, and girl-next-door femininity. Her career is exploding, and “Wildest Dreams” is sure to add more fuel to the explosion.

In light of all the debates about transgenderism, gay marriage, abortion, “war on women” memes, third-party reproduction, and whether it’s okay to call Rosie O’Donnell a fat slob, allow me to hazard a guess as to why Swift seems to be emerging as the true voice of the next generation (pace Lena Dunham).

It’s not just Kim Davis. We have had enough. By “we” I mean everyone on Earth. We are sick of hearing about men who don’t love women, women who hate men, women who use men, men who use women, women who want babies without being impregnated by a man, men who want babies without impregnating a woman, men who want to be women, women who want to be men, women who want to kill the babies they conceived with men, and men who want women to kill their babies and sell them to man-hating abortion conglomerates who then resell them to organ-trafficking firms headed by lesbians who then resell them to universities that spend lavish federal funding on women’s studies and gender-studies programs that fill millions of college students with more of these self-destructive absurd theories about manhood and womanhood.

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Image credit: www.thefederalist.com.