Tearing Down the Marriage Gold Standard: Good for Society?

BarbWire BWFrom Jennifer Thieme at BarbWire.com:

It seems that a lot of SSM supporters don’t realize what is happening to man/woman marriage at the policy level. They seem to think that SSM is added to the legal code along side man/woman marriage. [It it being shattered.]

That’s what’s happening to man/woman marriage at the policy level. We are in the process of tearing this down, and replacing it with the unreal concept of “genderless marriage.” Male and female are being written out of the legal code. We held up male and female as marriage for the entire history of our nation. Divorce has harmed this image but did not destroy it entirely. “Genderless marriage” will finish the job.

Man/woman marriage is also the gold standard for children’s outcomes across all measures, and assuming the parents stay married, this holds true regardless of income levels. Yet same sex marriage supporters tacitly argue that removing the gold standard from policy will be a net benefit to society over the long term.

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