Telling Lies For Jesus (On Dealing With Trolls)

From Bill Muehlenberg:

Atheists, secularists, and even trolls pretending to be Christians, have learned how to attack Christians and seek to shut down their work – all in the name of tolerance of course. One major way in which they do this is by rehashing and regurgitating red herrings, straw men, and other logical fallacies as they object to Christian beliefs and practices.

They have turned this into an art form: raising silly objections which have no bearing on reality whatsoever. They will repeatedly claim that Christians believe something or do something, and when you point out to them that they don’t, they will just keep on making the same claims. It does not matter how many times you answer their questions and refute their false charges, they will just keep raising them again.

This happens all the time, and is a prime characteristic of the secular left. I experience this all the time. With so many examples to choose from, I could write a book on this. In one instance for example a secular left reporter from a secular left newspaper interviewed me about homosexuality.

She actually asked me the same question at least six times. Each time I would carefully answer, but because it was not to her liking, because it did not fit her agenda, and because it did not conform to her narrative, she just kept asking it. In other words, she was not the least bit interested in what I had to say, nor was she the least bit interested in truth. She simply was intent on pushing her agenda.

I get folks like this all the time making comments on my website or on other sites. They ask a question, I carefully answer it, and they ask it again! They are of course not interested in truth or in learning anything. Their minds are fully made up, and all they are doing is coming to pick a fight and cause trouble.

They are trolls in other words. And regrettably it is not just the atheists and secular humanists who do this all the time. Quite often people claiming to be Christians will pull the exact same stunt. They pretend that they want dialogue with you, but they simply prove by their actions that they are nothing but trolls.

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