Ten Worst ‘Gay’ Myths Refuted

If conservatives were seriously fighting the information war, fewer myths would win out over the public mind. Here’s Julia Gasper writing across the pond in the United Kingdom:

Let’s all save ourselves time. When arguing, just refer to these common homosexual myths by their numbers…we’ve all heard them often enough!

1. “Gays are 5-10% of the population.” False. They are 1.5% according to the UK Census and similar surveys carried out objectively in other countries.

2. The Gay Gene. It is fashionable in the West to claim that some people are “born gay”. Wrong. This can and has been scientifically refuted. More than fourteen different studies into the orientation of identical twins have shown that there is no genetic pre-disposition, nor can uterine environment be a factor, as in twins it is the same, yet in 97% of cases the orientation is different. Look at Jason and Jarron Collins, for example.

3. “Being gay is just like being black”. Wrong. The two things have nothing in common. Homosexuality is a behaviour, being black is not. They are different sorts of category, so the same arguments just don’t apply. Homosexuals have never been oppressed or enslaved like black people were in America. There has never been any special tax on them. They have never (unlike women and poor people) been excluded from education, the professions or voting. They have never been barred from beaches, bars, restaurants, schools or buses just for being homosexual. They have never been forced to live in ghettos. They are usually to be found in the most privileged classes of society. The penalties for sodomy always applied to heterosexuals as well.

4. “Homosexuals are oppressed, bullied and victimized all over the world”. Wrong. Most of the gay-bullying reports or claims of homosexuals murdered by “homophobes” are frauds. David Kato – fraud. Matthew Shepard – fraud.

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Image credit: legalinsurrection.com.