TERF Wars Heating Up

TERF? “Trans-exclusionary radical feminists.” The rest is called the information war. Here is Laurie Higgins writing at the Illinois Family Institute:

The sexual revolution is a ravenous monster, devouring everything good in sight, and especially savoring the most precious of delicacies: the flesh, hearts, and minds of children. The newest—but not last—manifestation of the sexual revolution is “transgenderism.”

To capture and devour children and adults has required some cunning and now familiar strategic maneuvers. You know the drill:

  1. Control language (also known as Newspeak).
  2. Appeal to emotion (i.e., talk endlessly about the suffering of those who experience gender dysphoria).
  3. Selectively marshal research from the egregiously politicized and unstable field of social “science” research.
  4. Litigate.
  5. Legislate.
  6. Intimidate (i.e., bully)

And hoo-boy, when I say bully, I mean bully.

Not even feminists who support most of the “trans” agenda are exempt from the wrath of “tolerant” trannies. Adults who impersonate the opposite sex have created the derogatory acronym “TERF,” which stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminists,” to insult and marginalize those feminists who don’t want men in women’s private spaces. Here are just a few of the tweets from “trans”- cultists about “TERFS” that have been collected on the website “TERF IS A SLUR”:

  • Kill all TERFs
  • All TERFS deserve to be shot in the head.
  • Do you know a terf? cave their head in with a rock.
  • I wanna direct a snuff film where multiple terfs get shot in the head but don’t die, they just suffer in agony.
  • Enjoy my ladyd*ck in your mouth, c*ntwipe

And here’s this from another TERF”-hating man who pretends to be a woman:

we need to…start making their lives hell. terfs need to be absolutely terrified to share their hatespeech in public…. ridicule them. continue calling them ugly, doxxing them, and calling their employers. don’t let them make a single post or thinkpiece without being unchallenged. flood their notes with tenfold the hatred they give us. they are slimy fascists and they need to be entirely obliterated. make subscribing to terf ideology about as wise as shooting yourself in the foot. and to any terf who wants to accuse me of “male violence” or whatever, please go choke on a nail.

Read more: IllinoisFamily.org

Image credit: www.illinoisfamily.org.