Thank You, Justice Kennedy

From Dr. Michael Brown at

Dear Justice Kennedy,

I’m sure you are getting flooded with words of congratulations from your admirers and words of criticism from your detractors, but please allow me to offer my own hearty “thank” you – yet as a staunch critic of your decision, one of the most infamous in the history of our nation.

Why then do I thank you?

I thank you first for helping to galvanize the opposition to redefining marriage, much as the Roe v. Wade decision helped galvanize the pro-life movement.

In a moment of time, you have done more to energize our side than a string of political victories for us could ever have done.

You have so painted us into a corner and so overstepped the bounds of your office that you have singlehandedly strengthened our resolve to stand, even unifying groups and individuals that had not worked together before now.

For that, sir, I sincerely thank you.

I also want to thank you for confirming what we have been saying for many years now, namely, that gay activism is the principle threat to our freedoms of speech, religion, and conscience.

With a stroke of your pen, you have given justification to a torrent of hatred aimed at conservative Christians and Jews (and even Muslims), despite the fact that you were quite aware of the very real danger of anti-religious persecution arising from your decision (as indicated by the questioning of U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli by Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito during the oral hearings).

Professor Robert Gagnon, a fine New Testament scholar, was not exaggerating when he wrote, “As individuals, people of faith will be aggressively indoctrinated, fined, denied advancement, fired, intimidated, and subjected to ceaseless verbal abuse in public and private schools, at institutions of higher learning, at places of employment in public and private sectors, and throughout the main communication organs of the media and entertainment industry. Their institutions and businesses will be set on a collision course with the state: denied government funding, contracts, and loans; denied accreditation and tax-exempt status; and subjected to government harassment.”

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