The Aftermath of Obergefell

It’s a shame that Republicans and conservatives aren’t in the information war to any serious degree because we have so much fantastic ammunition to use to win over the uninformed and misinformed. If people never hear the facts or the great arguments our side puts forward, they will continue to be persuaded instead by our shallow and rather idiotic pop culture.

Here is Sally Zelikovksy writing over at American Thinker (the bolded sentences are my emphasis):

For every person jubilant about the Supreme Court’s recent usurpation of power at the hands of the people in Obergefell, there is another person who is equally, if not more, despondent. Obergefell and its predecessor Windsor highlight the clash in our jurisprudential culture about the role of the Supreme Court, the disparate worldviews of the citizenry, and the competing rights that are destined to collide: Will John’s newfound fundamental right to marry Bob stand alongside Mary’s freedom of conscience or will one yield to the other?

Judging by the rabid victors who intend to jail non-compliant pastors in Idaho and deny tax-exempt status to non-compliant churches — let alone the rash of suits against business owners who refuse to facilitate gay weddings on the basis of their convictions — it seems the rainbows and the old beliefs cannot co-exist. It’s more likely that our antiquated First Amendment freedoms will be pushed aside by the wily “right to same-sex marriage” that has been closeted inside the 14th Amendment since 1868 and the Bill of Rights since the Founding. Who knew?

It seems only the most evolved.

But the silver lining, if there is one, is that millions of those old believers will not “go gentle into that good night” but instead will “rage against the dying of the light.” In other words, the gloves are off.

Two more excerpts.

[T]he people have the final say — not five insular justices on the Supreme Court. Still, weak-kneed Republicans are already admonishing us to “move on” — Scotus has spoken! They want gay marriage off the table for the next election so that it won’t be exploited by leftwing opponents and media to their electoral detriment. But that is naïve! The left will no more let go of this campaign “gotcha” question leveled only at conservatives, any more than they let go of abortion, the war on women, and racism.

Heed this: If the GOP ignores or pays mere lip service to this issue — promising to address it when they secure the White House in 2016 — they will lose millions of grassroots votes.

And for the record, the political war she refers to here is the information war.

The last 6 years have demonstrated to conservative troops that our leaders in DC haven’t a clue how to wage a political war.

Sally Zelikovksy’s entire article is worth reading — you can find it here.

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