The Amish, the Buddhist and the Muslim

Bill Zettler

Bill Zettler

By Bill Zettler

To those who object, under the Rubric of ethnic profiling, to the call for consistently scrutinizing young male Muslims from certain countries I ask the following:

Has anyone heard of an Amish person threatening to destroy the United States? I have yet to see a CNN report on Amish terrorists.

How about a Zen Buddhist claiming that all American citizens, men, women and children, are legitimate targets for terrorism? Nope, nothing there either.

After all, Amish and Zen Buddhists are considered religious fundamentalists and, according to the political correctness troops, should be considered the same threat to our safety as young male middle-eastern Muslim fundamentalists. If you have an Amish, a Buddhist and a young middle-eastern male Muslim all boarding a plane, flip a coin to see whom you search.

The brutal fact, and I mean brutal, is that in recent years young male Muslim fundamentalists have killed the citizens of more than 30 countries including Americans (and others) in New York, Germans in Tunisia, Frenchman in Pakistan, Brits in London, Kenyans and Tanzanians in American embassies, American sailors in Yemen, American soldiers in Saudi Arabia, American missionaries in the Philippines, American reporters in Pakistan, Hindu pilgrims in India, Russian school children in Beslan, Spanish train riders in Madrid, Dutch playwrights in Holland, Australians and Indonesians in Bali, a Jordanian wedding party in Amman and thousands of innocent Iraqis and Afghani’s.

To my knowledge neither Amish nor Buddhists fundamentalists have murdered anyone, anywhere.

Do you see a pattern here?

As for those who say that if we concentrate on young Muslim males, terrorists will just recruit 60-year-old white men I say if that happens then we should search 60-year-old white men – every time. But until then we search young Islamic males with passports from certain countries – every time. The odds are good the universe of white 60-year-old men who would become terrorists is infinitely smaller than say the universe of male 18-35 year olds from Saudi Arabia. And personally knowing a lot of 60-year-old white men I am confident that recruiting them would most likely result in fewer terrorists not more.

To be honest I do not understand why non-terrorist Muslims would object to that approach. Their wives and families are more at risk than mine. After all Muslim terrorists have killed more Muslims than any other group or religion.

Personally I am not offended with searching anyone including myself. If it offends you, please remember you are under no obligation to come to the US or to live here. Perhaps France would be a better destination.

For whatever reason, and the reason doesn’t really matter, young male Muslim fundamentalists are the primary, not exclusive but primary, threat to the U.S. and they are the ones who should be the primary focus of our anti-terrorist efforts. If we do not do so, then political correctness will kill a lot of Americans before this war is over. And any politician who doesn’t realize these facts is not going to be a politician for long.

Think of it along the lines of the Biblical parable of the 100 sheep, except with a twist. If there is one wolf in sheep’s clothing in your flock, then shear all 100 until you find the wolf.

After all, the other 99 can grow their fleece back – but not if they are dead.

Bill Zettler is an Illinois business owner, author of The Illinois Pension Scam, and the former Director of Research for the Family Taxpayers Foundation.