The Anatomy of Hillary’s Electorate

Arnold Cusmariu is generally correct in his analysis of the problem of “Hillary’s electorate” in his recent American Thinker article, but his prescription is one part lacking and one part completely wrong. He opens his piece with this:

Democrat propaganda since FDR has been that they are the party of “a chicken in every pot,” while Republicans are the party of “no soup for you.” This strategy won Obama two terms in office during which he raised the national debt to astronomical levels.

A Clinton-Sanders, Clinton-O’Malley or Clinton-Whoever ticket is sure to deploy the same strategy. Hillary has already indicated she would, in effect, buy off “the kids” with free college tuition. The list of freebies in Comrade Sanders’ bag is even longer.

The beneficiaries of Obama’s spendthrift ways expect the goodies to flow uninterrupted under a Clinton administration.

He then outlines a few key groups — those who pay little to no taxes but get free health care and other benefits, crony capitalists, “the ever-growing grievance industry,” and academia which lives off of tax dollars.

He then writes:

What can Republicans do?

They will need, somehow, to reassure Group 1 that they’ll be taken care of. Adjustments will need to be made to avoid long-term bankruptcy, which should also be made clear.

Group 2 is hardly a Democrat invention — not even the “green” grifters — so these folks wouldn’t have that much to worry about under Donald, Ben, Ted, Marco, or Jeb.

Groups 3 and 4 are joined at the hip to the Democrats but they’re not large enough to affect the election. Group 3 can be counted on to make trouble at the Republican convention.

He then outlines the groups that “will be difficult for a Republican to dislodge,” like diehard feminists, the abortion industry, those who think government has all the answers, and those who hate Judeo-Christian morality.

Arnold Cusmariu completely leaves out the simple but enormous fact that Republicans and conservatives don’t show any sign that they are ready to engage fully in the information war. And then worse, he opens his last paragraph with this:

I will leave it to the army of GOP consultants to figure out how to deal with Groups 1-6.

What? The current crop of GOP consultants have played a major part in getting us to where we are today — and they show no sign that they have the first clue about what to do to get done what’s needed — which is, to greatly lower the number of low information voters in America.

You can read Arnold Cusmariu’s entire article here.