The argument for school choice

Well said—by Michael F. Haverluck at OneNewsNow:

With big government holding a monopoly on the business of education in America, many homeschooling parents find it quite refreshing to find a vice-presidential candidate who wholeheartedly supports parents’ constitutional right to instruct their children as they see fit.

Most Americans fail to realize that the United States Constitution says nothing about the government’s role in educating the nation’s youth — yet the state has assumed this position, often usurping parents’ control when it comes to educating children.

Many parents in Washington, DC, raised great concern early in Barack Obama’s presidency when he opposed a program in the nation’s capital that would allow students to use vouchers for optional educational opportunities — freeing them from having to attend the districts’ failing public schools. After aggressively trying to eliminate the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program, the Obama administration finally relented on the DC school voucher bill in June, only after great opposition and public pressure.

Paul and Janna RyanBut when Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan was recently questioned at a townhall-style event in Ocala, Florida, about whether he believed homeschooling had a future in America, he had this to say:

“Absolutely, we have friends who do a lot of homeschooling,” Ryan answered. “In Wisconsin it is very well known, very well used. You know what? We believe in freedom. And if you believe the best way to raise your children is to homeschool your children, then God bless you; and in a free society, you ought to be able to do just that.”

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