The Art of Competence and Comprehension: Trump v. the Republican Conservative Industrial Complex

Last week there was an unprecedented effort by Republicans to get out the vote and to man the polling places in Virginia to help guard against voter fraud. It worked. While the margin of victory was slim, it was a victory—the Democratic Party leftist fraud machine was unable to manufacture enough votes to win.

You all know the drill. A Republican, like President Trump, has a sizable lead on election night and then whaddaya know, “ballots” are found overnight and the Democrat wins. See New Jersey’s experience last week—it’s almost comical. The Democrats found enough “ballots” after election day to secure the reelection of their candidate for governor.

There is little doubt that after November 3, 2020, President Donald J. Trump understood more than he did before the election. At some point he no doubt marveled at the Republican Party and conservative movement and was amazed at the incompetence that continues to allow massive failure on the two political fronts: failure to reach enough people with good information and a failure to win enough elections—let alone ensure legitimate elections!

Before entering politics, Donald J. Trump built buildings—many of them skyscrapers—in some very big cities around the world. Think about what he had to deal with successfully to be successful:

  • The political arena and government
  • Governmental regulations
  • The real estate market, residential and business
  • Labor for everything and myriad unions
  • Suppliers for everything from steel to faucets to carpets to furniture
  • Architects and interior designers
  • The legal arena
  • The finance industry
  • The public relations, marketing, sales and advertising arena

There are more categories for sure, but that makes the point.

Of that bunch of things listed, I am sure there are think tanks that focus on it all, or podcasts or talk radio shows or streaming TV networks, or commentary articles being written or conferences held to discuss this or that aspect of it all…again, you get the picture. None of those things just mentioned actually build a building. They only talk about building a building.

There is little doubt that Trump understood the difference between talk and action in politics and government because talk did not build buildings. Action built buildings.

Yes, a lot of non-profits label themselves “action” organizations, but they’re really only 501c4’s which are legally allowed to talk more about politics than a traditional 501c3 non-profit. As I have mentioned previously, there are so many political “action” committees that fund things other than real election work, such as videos, some of which are even “award winning” (the boasting of which always makes me laugh).

The future of the success of the MAGA movement—which is now the real Republican Party—depends upon the large political donors waking up to the fact that they are mostly funding work that does not win elections. (It does fund generous six-figure salaries and high rent office space.) Those donors are falling for the slick presentations of fundraisers who have made a great living in the RCIC but have not built what was necessary for us to avoid the current horrible state of affairs. I’m sorry, but that is an unarguable fact.

Neither election results nor policy will improve until someone gives big donors a wake-up call.

Up next: It’s time to talk about what the Republican Party actually is. (Hint: it’s not the equivalent of some nefarious powerful mega corporation).

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