The Assault on Faith, Freedom and Family

CultureWatchThree more important articles from Bill Muehlenberg (I love the last line in the third excerpt about the Magna Carta):

Yes There Sure Is a Slippery Slope

Not only do the homosexual militants go ballistic when you mention a slippery slope in action, but even friendly critics advise that we not use the term. Well, I do not care much about the mere terminology – it is the reality which I really am concerned about here.

And there most certainly is a slippery slope in action. If you don’t like the term, use another, such as the open door effect. It is real and it is happening all the time. The more the militants deny it is happening, the more we see it taking place.

When the US Supreme Court handed out its decision on marriage last week, including its attack on the Defence of Marriage Act, the polyamorists instantly came out in force. They demanded – quite logically – that if homosexual marriage is a goer, then there is no reason why group marriage cannot be legalised as well.

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On the Politically Correct Abuse of Children

While most people rightly condemn child abuse, there are in fact certain forms of child abuse which are now acceptable – at least by our secular left elites, and the activist lobby groups. Let me here speak to two cases of such abuse.

One is obviously horrific and perverted abuse. The other, sadly, is not only accepted, but actually endorsed and promoted. The first case I have discussed before. It involves an Australian homosexual couple who bought a baby from Russian surrogates, and then not only sexually abused the toddler, but shared him around various paedophile networks in different countries.

The prolonged sexual abuse by these homosexual paedophiles was so utterly diabolical and monstrous that a judge did not want a jury to hear the case. One US state attorney said this about the case: ”For more than one year and across three continents, these men submitted this young child to some of the most heinous acts of exploitation that this office has ever seen.” Actually for the first six years of his poor life he was subject to repeated abuse. I discuss this ugly episode here:

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The Assault on Faith, Freedom and Family: Instalment No. 32,859

Yep it’s that time again – time for another weekly update on what the tolerance brigade is up to. As usual the militants have declared war on the West, and the values of freedom, religion and democracy. They have also shown their utter contempt for the institutions of marriage and family, and those who support them.

And all this is done of course in the name of tolerance and diversity. So let’s begin; we have a lot of catching up to do. One clear example of how the homosexual lobby is leading the clampdown of Christianity and the freedom to proclaim the gospel comes from the UK – Wimbledon, to be exact.

Consider this alarming story: “Tony Miano, 49, a former senior police officer from the US, was held for around six hours, had his fingerprints and DNA taken and was questioned about his faith, after delivering a sermon about ‘sexual immorality’ on a London street. Mr Miano, who served as a Deputy Sherriff in Los Angeles County, said his experience suggested that the term ‘thought police’ had become a reality in the UK.

“He said he was amazed that it was now possible ‘in the country that produced the Magna Carta’ for people to be arrested for what they say.

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