The Best on Barack: Abortion and “homosexual rights”

Former presidential speechwriter Michael Gerson wrote last month in the Washington Post that –

“Obama has not made abortion rights the shouted refrain of his campaign, as other Democrats have done. He seems to realize that pro-choice enthusiasm is inconsistent with a reputation for post-partisanship.”

Obama’s record on abortion, Gerson writes, “is extreme.” Here is Gerson’s evidence put into bullet points:

  • “He opposed the ban on partial-birth abortion — a practice a fellow Democrat, the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan, once called ‘too close to infanticide.’
  • Obama strongly criticized the Supreme Court decision upholding the partial birth ban.
  • In the Illinois state Senate, he opposed a bill similar to the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, which prevents the killing of infants mistakenly left alive by abortion.
  • And now Obama has oddly claimed that he would not want his daughters to be “punished with a baby” because of a crisis pregnancy — hardly a welcoming attitude toward new life.”

Gerson’s article is worth reading on the larger issue of abortion and the Democratic Party, as well, and not just for his references to Obama. Included in the piece is this information that Barack Obama would have to deal with should he become president:

“Recent polls have shown that young people are more likely than their elders to support abortion restrictions. Few Americans oppose abortion under every circumstance, but a majority opposes most of the abortions that actually take place — generally supporting the procedure only in the case of rape or incest, or to save the life of the mother.”

Michael Foust, an assistant editor for Baptist Press, wrote an excellent article summing up Barack’s views on “gay rights” titled “Obama: If elected I will use the bully pulpit for gay causes.”  In it, Foust outlines the facts about Obama’s position on the issue of “gay rights.” Here are a few facts from the piece put into bullet points.

  • Obama has actively sought the support of voters in the homosexual community, telling them in a letter that if elected president he would work to pass laws important to that constituency and would use the “bully pulpit” to urge states to grant same-sex couples the legal benefits of marriage.
  • In the letter, Obama touted his past record on such issues and said he would continue that record if elected. He used the acronym LGBT — which stands for “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender” — six times.
  • In the letter, Obama wrote:
    • “As your President, I will use the bully pulpit to urge states to treat same-sex couples with full equality in their family and adoption laws.”
    • “I personally believe that civil unions represent the best way to secure that equal treatment. But I also believe that the federal government should not stand in the way of states that want to decide on their own how best to pursue equality for gay and lesbian couples — whether that means a domestic partnership, a civil union, or a civil marriage.”
  • Obama wrote that he backs the “complete repeal” of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), a law passed in 1996 that gives states the option of not recognizing another state’s “gay marriages.”
  • “While some say we should repeal only part of the law, I believe we should get rid of that statute altogether,” he wrote. “Federal law should not discriminate in any way against gay and lesbian couples, which is precisely what DOMA does.”
  • Austin Nimocks, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, a legal organization that supports the Defense of Marriage Act, said, “To repeal DOMA means that every American taxpayer would be forced to fund the homosexual agenda.”

Foust notes that in the letter, Obama asserted that in multiple forums — talking to rural farmers or to Baptist parishioners — he has talked about the need to “fight homophobia.”

“I believe that we can achieve the goal of full equality for the millions of LGBT people in this country,” Obama said. “To do that, we need leadership that can appeal to the best parts of the human spirit. Join with me, and I will provide that leadership. Together, we will achieve real equality for all Americans, gay and straight alike.”

Click here to read Foust’s entire article and link to the full text of Obama’s letter.