The Big Gay Lie Succeeds Because Conservatives Don’t Fight the Information War

Lies work so well in today’s society because our side isn’t seriously fighting in the information war. Obviously I’m not saying that our side doesn’t post countless great articles, and have many great news and commentary websites on the Web. What I’m saying is that since we don’t hold the reigns of the dominant media — old or new — our side of the argument is not heard by most of the uninformed and misinformed.

Yesterday I quoted Pete Spiliakos over at First Things who said it nicely:

This absence of articulate, intelligent conservative arguments from the daily lives of millions of Americans is a civic disaster.

And so the disaster continues daily, even as our guys and gals in the political entertainment industry ramble on and enjoy their lives as silly celebrities.

Yesterday Tom Trinko posted an article at American Thinker that makes my point — in this case — about why same-sex “marriage” has increased in popularity. The reason, in a nutshell, is ignorance on the part of the public.

Trinko writes:

One of the key reasons that gay “marriage” has won as much public support as it has is that few people understand how harmful the massively promiscuous gay lifestyle is.

The Big Gay Lie (BGL) is that the gay lifestyle is the same as the straight lifestyle. The BGL has a number of facets including:

  • Lots of people are gay
  • Gay relationships are just like straight ones; they want long-term commitment
  • Being gay isn’t bad for your health
  • Gays are born that way

The BGL has made the debate over gay marriage like a debate about smoking where no one realizes that smoking causes lung cancer.

Let’s take a look at just a little of the information Trinko includes after each of the sections in the article highlighted with with the first three bullet points above.

Very few people are gay:

The debate about gay marriage has been skewed by a gross misrepresentation of the number of gays in America. While the average American thought 23% of Americans were gay the real number is 1.6% with only 3.8% of the population being LGBT.

Gay relationships are nothing like straight ones:

The simple reality is that the gay lifestyle consists of sex with many strangers and few if any long term, let alone monogamous, relationships.

Less than 1% of gays report, to gay friendly researchers, to having sex with fewer than 5 partners. On the other hand, 43% report having more than 500 sexual partners including 28% who have had more than 1000 sexual partners.

To put this in context, only 25% of heterosexual men have sex with more than 10 women in their lifetimes; women average 4.7 partners over their lives.


Being gay is very bad for your health:

Being gay cuts roughly 20 years off of a man’s expected lifespan; smoking only cuts 10. That’s not surprising given the AIDS epidemic but the basically unhealthy sexual practices of gays lead to death and illness from sources other than AIDS as well.

Additionally the gay community serves as a reservoir of other STDs due to the massively promiscuous nature of gay relationships.

Finally the nature of gay “sex” leads to a wide variety of other problems — nature has taught us to not play with feces for a reason.

If you’re among the small percentage of Americans that knew all of the above, then you need to join me in calling for Republicans and conservatives to finally get into full outreach mode so we can lower the number of low information voters.

Tom Trinko’s entire piece is worth your time — you can find it here. By the way, it is loaded with links, which I left out of the above excerpts.

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